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Roundtable Commenters

Bridget Reeves
US Culture and Diversity Engagement Lead
Tata Consultancy Services
Tata America International Corporation
Bridget Reeves has been in Human Resources for over 25 years.  Her industry experience has been in legal, customer service, and IT, and holds Bachelors and Masters degrees of Applied Sciences.
Bridget has been employed with TCS for 14 years and is based out of Phoenix, Arizona.  Her latest role was US Western Region HR Head  for Talent Engagement covering 10 US states consisting of over 6,000 associates and managing a team of 13 Talent Engagement Partners and Managers. 
Bridget would like to say her region’s platform was learning and building confidence among leaders with the region. Plus, she had a special interests in women’s professional growth, civil justice, and safety for associates.
Bridget has a handsome teenage son.  In her spare time, she likes to do event planning for family and friends.
Bridget has a heart to serve others and lives by her motto is treat people how you want to be treated; basically, have a servitude attitude.


Dr. Peter Romine, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor of Electronics and Computer Engineering
Navajo Technical University

Peter Romine is associate professor and Head of the Electrical Engineering program at Navajo Technical University (NTU), a Tribal College/University (TCU) of the Navajo Nation in Crownpoint, New Mexico.  NTU is the 1st and only TCU with ABET accreditation for Engineering.  A distinction that allows NTU Engineering Graduates to compete for the same jobs and opportunities that graduates of other accredited institutions have long taken for granted.  And graduates of the NTU Electrical Engineering program have been very successful in employment as engineers with federal research institutions, employment as Robotics Engineers, and entry into graduate programs in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.  Early adoption of hands-on project-based learning with multidisciplinary teams was the key to the success of the program and the students.  His EE program seized the opportunity to participate in the 2015 and 2016 DC Makerfaires, the 2017 and 2019 Capitol Hill Makerfaires, the 2016 NASA Innovation Challenge, and the 2018 and 2019 Nation Of Makers Convening (NOMCON), plus many other Maker events.  The philosophy of the Maker Movement made sense to him and the Navajo engineering students and has been integrated into the NTU EE curriculum and teaching methodologies.  Peter requires all of his students to develop through the participation in several national engineering design competitions each semester. The level of project success, leadership and teamwork demonstrated by the NTU students is steadily growing.  He has been successful in developing dual-credit (early college) relationships with many of the high schools on the Navajo Nation and the students have been excited by the opportunity to develop their Maker identities.  This was highlighted in the 1st annual Dine’ Maker Nation – Makerfaire held spring 2019 at NTU Crownpoint. The theme was “The Evolution of the Dine’ Maker” and interwove the modern Maker Movement with traditional Navajo Crafts & Trades, culture and language



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