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About The Inclusive Engineering Consortium

The Inclusive Engineering Consortium is a non-profit organization comprised of historically minority serving institutions working as one to advance the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) enterprise.

The IEC is organized as a “super department” of diverse faculty, staff, and students with broadly-based strengths in education, research, scholarship, and service. The overall goal of the Consortium is to produce a larger and better prepared pool of African-American, Hispanic, and Native American ECE graduates. 

The purpose of the Inclusive Engineering Consortium is to:

  • Enable collaborations of historically minority serving institutions working as one; 

  • Foster academic-industry collaboration through synergistic programs and initiatives; 

  • Advance education, research, and careers in the fields of electrical engineering, computer engineering, and related disciplines; and to contribute to the development and dissemination of engineering and engineering education knowledge in the public interest and for the public good; 

  • Catalyze professional development, diversity, and an effective learning experience for students, staff, and faculty who are part of and/or serve historically minority institutions and communities;

  • Provide a forum for ECE departments to exchange information and ideas for improving the quality and effectiveness of ECE education; and  

  • Enable participating programs to improve ECE education through effective communication with: the ECE professions and related industries, other ECE professional organizations, other institutions with ECE programs, and appropriate government agencies


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