The IEC Exchange


January 2022

Letter from the editor 

Mandoye Ndoye

Associate Professor 

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

Tuskegee University

Dear IEC community, 


First, I would like to wish all of you a belated Happy New Year and my very best wishes for 2022. I hope that your spring semester is off to a great start.


It is probably safe to say that we had all envisioned starting this new year without the persistent specter of COVID. Alas, Omicron had other plans, and thus we must continue to operate under changing guidelines, unpleasant constraints, and the likes. On the bright side, a positive byproduct of teaching under these challenging environments is the fact that, over the past two years, we have become better educators by learning new teaching tools and devising innovative strategies to actively engage our students.

Operating under COVID has highlighted that insufficient faculty time and resources remain serious impediments to our common mission: providing quality engineering education to our students and conducting research in impactful and/or emerging fields. This experience also reminded us that we possess in IEC a powerful collaborative framework to jointly tackle these problems that cannot be easily solved by our local departments. Through various collaborative initiatives/activities involving other MSIs, industry partners and/or affiliated PWIs, IEC provides access to the resources and opportunities needed to collectively work on these challenges. The IEC network has been growing in both number and strength.  A case in point is the recent addition of the following affiliate members:


Johns Hopkins University

University of California, Berkeley

Georgia Tech

UC San Diego

RELLIS – The Texas A&M University System

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign


University of Texas at Austin

Seattle University

Virginia Tech


To see the benefits provided by IEC, I encourage you to read the feature article where Ken Connor uses concrete examples and presents in detail his answer to the salient question: how IEC could work for you? 


In this issue, you will find two institution spotlight articles. The first one presents the programs and capabilities of UDC’s Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) program whereas the second one describes a solar-power-based collaborative project between an IEC member school (Navajo Technical University) and an IEC-affiliated institution (Seattle University). In the corporate feature article, our partners at Tektronix discuss current initiatives to expand their University Partnership Programs and ongoing efforts to support IEC. Finally, the Calendar of Events section reminds us to mark our calendars for important upcoming meetings like the IEC Meeting at ECEDHA in March and the EquiTech 2022 Summer Virtual Conference in June. 


I look forward to seeing everyone in-person at IEC@ECEDHA 2022. In the meantime, let us continue to stay safe.  


Mandoye Ndoye 

Associate Professor 

Tuskegee University 



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