IEC Member Meeting

IEC June Member Meeting

June 21, 2023
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm CDT

The IEC Member Meeting brought together our Core and Affiliate Members for an update on IEC, a report on initiatives from our Member institutions, and a discussion about how faculty and administrators and icentivize inter-institutional collaboration. 

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Meeting Agenda

  1. Welcome and IEC Updates Welcome to Members
    1. Recap of the May Meeting
    2. HBCU Clean Energy Prize
  2. IEC 2to4 Program / Pathways Program  
    1. Update on 2to4 Scholarship recipients
  3. Updates
    1. CircuitU - Petru Andrei
    2. VA Tech - HBCU Quantum Partnership Workshop - Wayne Scales
    3. VIP (using VIP as a retention method, including community college members - Charles Kim
  4. Brainstorming on incentivizing intra/inter-institutional collaboration

    1. How can academic leadership support faculty and encourage working with other institutions?
      1. Co-teaching
      2. Developing courses
      3. Collaborative seminar series
      4. Personnel exchanges
    2. Promotion of trying new ideas, risk taking 
      1. Determining resources
      2. Pitching value proposition to administration
  5. IEC Featured Core Member Highlights 
    1. PVAMU new engineering building

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