IEC Member Meeting

IEC February Member Meeting

February 21, 2024
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm CST

The IEC Member Meeting brought together our Core and Affiliate Members for an update about upcoming IEC in-person workshops, and update on student research opportunities at UC San Diego, University of Texas at El Paso, and FAMU-FSU; along with a reviewo of Binghamton University's New Educations and Research Alliance(newERA)

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>> Marconi Society Young Scholar Award

>> ALICE Universal 

>> DEI Report

>> IEC ADEP Workshop 

>> FuSe Workshop 

>> Binghamton University NewERA

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Meeting Agenda

  1. Introductions
  2. IEC 2to4 / Pathways Updates
  3. IEC Partner Updates
    1. Marconi Society Young Scholars Nominations
    2. ALICE Universal (Under $20 Personal Instrument Alternative)
  4. IEC Member Updates
    1. UCSD/FAMU/UTEP Intel Project Updates
    2. UDC Partnership with Binghamton
  5. IEC Workshops FuSe / ADEP
  6. Upcoming Events
    1. HBCU Quantum Convening at Virgina Tech 


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