IEC Core Member Meeting

New Resources, New Opportunities

November 1, 2022
2:30 pm - 4:00 pm CDT


Our community has generated some new ideas on how we can provide the best possible learning experiences for our students and open new opportunities for full participation in the ECE education and research enterprise. These ideas are now being recognized and supported with some of the resources needed to achieve their outcomes. It is time to take stock of where we are and what we have yet to achieve through active engagement from all IEC member programs. This is a watershed moment for IEC that can take our collective efforts to a new level if we have everyone at least represented at this meeting. All faculty from our Core HBCU, HSI, and TCU members are encouraged to attend.

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Meeting Agenda

  1. IEC Updates, Accomplishments, and Opportunities

    1. Where We are Today

    2. IEC 2to4 Program / Pathways Program

  2. The Role of IEC 

    1. Doing Together What is Difficult Alone

    2. Generating New Ideas, Resources, Opportunities

    3. Sharing Ideas, Best Practices, Resources

  3. The Role of IEC Core Members: Programs & Individuals

    1. Value, Need, Engagement

    2. Working and Technology Groups

  4. Discussion Topic: Key Issues of Core Members

    1. What issues are you currently facing?

    2. How can IEC help?

  5. Discussion Topic: Core Member Outcomes

    1. What outcomes and connections are you looking for?

    2. What can we obtain from equitable partnerships with PWIs and Industry?

  6. IEC Upcoming Events & Activities


IEC Corporate Members 








Pathways Supporters