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The Inclusive Engineering Consortium is a non-profit organization comprised of historically minority serving institutions working as one to advance the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) enterprise.


The IEC is organized as a “super department” of diverse faculty, staff, and students with broadly-based strengths in education, research, scholarship, and service. The overall goal of the Consortium is to produce a larger and better prepared pool of African-American, Hispanic, and Native American ECE graduates.

The purpose of the Inclusive Engineering Consortium is to:

Enable collaborations of historically minority serving institutions working as one;

Foster academic-industry collaboration through synergistic programs and initiatives;

Advance education, research, and careers in the fields of electrical engineering, computer engineering, and related disciplines; and to contribute to the development and dissemination of engineering and engineering education knowledge in the public interest and for the public good;

Catalyze professional development, diversity, and an effective learning experience for students, staff, and faculty who are part of and/or serve historically minority institutions and communitie

Provide a forum for ECE departments to exchange information and ideas for improving the quality and effectiveness of ECE education; and

Enable participating programs to improve ECE education through effective communication with: the ECE professions and related industries, other ECE professional organizations, other institutions with ECE programs, and appropriate government agencies


The Inclusive Engineering Consortium was formed out of the success of the HBCU-ECP Program.

Inclusive Engineering Consortium
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